Fishing Thailand - Carp & Catfish Package

Fishing Thailand - Carp & Catfish Package

  Bungsamran is the world’s no: 1 giant Mekong catfish & giant Siamese carp lake – both species grow to over 200lb at this venue. Book this exclusive Bangkok fishing package and we guarantee you will catch more fish over 30lb in a single trip than most anglers catch in a lifetime. Our professional team of guides are the best in Thailand – setting the lake record at 220lb.

If You Don’t Catch A 30lb + Giant Mekong Catfish – We Refund 50%!

Your day will begin with our driver collecting you from your Bangkok hotel in our luxury, private, air-conditioned minivan at 7:30a.m.

Approximately 45 minutes later you will arrive at Bungsamran, where upon arrival you will be greeted by our professional guides.

Non-fishing guests are welcome to come along and enjoy the day free of charge. The big fish action, the surroundings, the great weather, the delicious food, the charisma of the Thai guides and friendliness of our Team make a memorable day also for your friends & family.

Our private and exclusive fishing bungalow is only a 5 minute walk from the car park. Its’ traditional Thai style is in keeping with the surrounding nature but also offers modern conveniences such as electricity, running water & a small room ideal for non-angling group members to take a nap. The large staging reaching well over the lake is where the action takes place and where dream fish are hooked, fought & landed.

We have a vast collection of all the necessary fishing tackle, including some ultra-tough rods & reels required for taking on the giant Mekong catfish at Bungsamran. There is no need to bring any fishing tackle with you, our specialist tackle is top of the range and designed for exactly this purpose – but of course, if you have a ‘lucky’ rod, or a ‘favourite’ reel then feel free to bring it along.

We supply all of the baits suitable for any species you wish to target – our ‘killer mix’ of juices and additives has proved to out-fish standard mixes of baits time and time again. Often bait selection & mix is a critically over-looked factor, with our proven bait mixes we not only get you on the fish but also get the fish on your hook!

Our cooler is kept fully stocked with ice and soft drinks all day long for you to drink; it is not safe to be active outside in the heat without having a large supply of liquids. This is a free service and there is no limit – your comfort and safety is our priority.

At midday delicious Thai cuisine is cooked at the local restaurant and delivered directly to your bungalow – at the same time it is quite common to hook a giant catfish just before you get the chance to dig in! This is another totally free service provided by us.

For those die-hard anglers who have managed to endure the pleasure\pain experience of hooking enormous fish, one after another for the entire day – pack up time is 6p.m. A short walk back to the car park where our private minivan awaits you with cold air-conditioning blasting through the cabin will take you back to your hotel with memories to last a lifetime.

There are no ‘hidden extras’ with us – everything is supplied for you and everything is included in the price.

In Summary Your Fishing Trip Includes:-

-Fishing at Bungsamran - the world’s most prolific freshwater venue located in Bangkok
-Transfer from you hotel to the lake and back by private luxury air-conditioned mini-van.
-Catch & release big game fishing
-English and Thai fishing guides
-All bait, tackle & specialist big fish equipment
-Fishing bungalow complete with electricity, running water & staging
-Delicious Thai cuisine and soft drinks
-Non-fishing guests welcome free of charge
-Personal and friendly service
-Catch a 30lb+ fish a day or get half your money back!

Please Bring With You:-

-A change of shorts – for really big captures we encourage with the help of our guides, holding the fish in the shallows for water shot photographs. Water shot pictures are impressive, showing off the real size and colours of the fish beautifully, also handling giant fish in the water is much kinder and less stressful for them.