Fly Fishing River Puelo

Fly Fishing River Puelo

  Jorge is the name of the manager and is responsible for the daily fishing program and is helped by two guides, “Nano” and “Juan”.

They understand that the concern for details makes the difference between a good service and an excellent one.

Our work is validated by the ever positive comments of our clients who have been with us here, which is why year after year we strive to offer the best we can to make your stay a unique and memorable experience, and hope that you return year after year as a guest and as a friend.

Our basic program focuses on fishing the prime waters of the River Puelo between Lake Tagua Tagua and the Estuary of the Reloncavi. However other add-on options are available depending upon your length of stay. Closer to the Lodge area we can arrange trips to the upper River Manso as well as Lake Tagua Tagua or any of several nearby lagoons.

In addition more expanded, personalized programs can be organized which encompass other compelling areas and various types of water elsewhere in the region, as suggested by the fishing preferences of the client.
Lodge is equipped with four outboard motor driven boats for transportation to and from the lodge, propeller and jet. The float trips on the river are conducted on Mackenzie style drift boats.

The drift boats accommodate a maximum of two people attended by one guide.

The most traditional style of fishing in Rio Puelo is with large Wolly Buggers and streamers employed with a sink tip line. However the river also offers excellent places to use the nymph and or drift a dry fly in anticipation of huge catches.

Other Activities include...

Long Walks and Beautiful Cavalcades:

We also offer long and Beautiful Walks and Horseback Riding in the river basin of Puelo, near the border of Argentina.

Juan Fernandez is our native guide, and he and his assistant guide the walks in these very remote places, crossing the crystalline waters of great lakes, torrential rivers and ancient native forests.

The visitors will enjoy the wonderful and virgin landscape.

The guides know the area because  they have so much experience and are very knowledgeable of the zone and the boats and horses and therefore offer safe, beautiful walks through the Andes mountains.

We can offer long walks, 3 to 7 hour treks to the border with Argentina.