Trout Guiding in the Nelson and Marlborough

Trout Guiding in the Nelson and Marlborough

  Our favoured techniques include spin fishing and fly fishing techniques such as dry fly, nymph & streamer fishing.
Nelson offers some of the best sighted brown trout fishing in New Zealand. Come and use our guides local knowledge to your advantage!

We pride ourselves on a friendly professional service designed to suit the anglers ability and preference. The huge array of water available in our region can suit anything from the novice angler looking to land his first trout, to the experienced fisherman looking for a multi-day wilderness adventure.

Whether your preference is small intimate streams, ambling lowland rivers, pristine headwaters or the big tumbling river experience we can provide the excursion to suit. Our guiding is tailored to suit the clients preference and time avaliable. No two guiding days are ever the same so please feel free to contact us and we can give you an accurate cost for your preferred package.

SPRING - September / October / November
Weather can be a little unpredictable but this is a time when the action is heating up throughout the region. Spawning trout are returning to the rivers, they're hungry and lack of angling pressure over winter has lowered their alertness levels. Hungry fish who are more relaxed? Now this is a great combination!

Even when rivers are high due to heavy rain, opportunity skill abounds for both the spin fisherman and streamer fly fisherman.
Whitebait are on the run and the ever alert sea-run trout are there in the river mouths waiting for them. These fish tend to be in superb condition and very aggressive, especially on or after dark.

SUMMER - December / January / February
Rivers are generally in good condition with mostly settled sunny days.
Lots of insect and terrestrial activity with mayfly and caddis hatches. Great time for the dry fly fisherman or dry/nymph combo. Fish can be spotted feeding during the day and will glady accept a well casted dry fly, although they will become more wary as temperatures rise and river levels drop, choosing shady postions under trees and banks. Early morning, twilight and after dark can also be very effective times to fish if conditions are right.

Sea-run trout are still around the river mouths hunting smelt and bullies so lowland fishing is still very productive.
Summer is an exciting time for the fly fisherman with long days, warm nights, lots of insect and fish activity. With all rivers open, deciding on just where to fish can be very difficult!

AUTUMN - March / April / May
A great time for the stalking dry fly angler, especially March and April. Insect numbers are high and trout in superb condition. Fish are wary though due to months of angler pressure and generally low clear water levels. Time to hone stealth and casting skills, with long flurocarbon leaders and fine tippets being the order of the day.

With April 30 being the end of the open season this is also the time to go back country and explore the small tributaries with large resident trout and the first early spawners.

WINTER - June / July / August
For those hardy souls ready to brave the frosts, this time of year can have excellent fly and spin fishing. Angler numbers are very low and trout are still making their way up the rivers to spawn in June, especially rainbows which tend to be more aggresive at this time and will snatch a well placed streamer or lure.

Weather can be very settled during this period, so after a cold start you will often be rewarded with a brilliant calm sunny day.

This price for wilderness trout fishing will vary depending on the exact area you wish to fish. Some parts are more accessible than others and therefore require more gear and logistics.

Our rate includes all the following:

• Transport

• Your day fishing licence

• All required gear & tackle

• Food & Beverages

Other pricing considerations are if you are a group of 3 or more, require the use of a helicopter for quick access to very remote areas, or would rather stay in a hotel or lodge than campout over night.

We try to be as flexible as possible with dates to suit your itinery but do recommend booking with us in advance to guarantee the dates that work for you. This is especially important during the busy spring and summer period.

Nelson is truly the best area to access New Zealand's unique South Island wild trout fishery, we have the best weather in the country (highest annual sunshine hours) and literally hundreds of accessible rivers of every size and description. The most difficult part at times is tearing yourself away from the stunning vistas surrounding you and trying to concentrate on the fishing!