Saltwater Fly Fishing in Ireland

Saltwater Fly Fishing in Ireland

  Just standing on a deserted sandy beach with the blue sea stretching as far as the eye can see and the sun starting to show over the distant mountains would be heaven for many people. The mist covered mountains at your back with all their streams, rivers and lakes would be enough to satisfy many more...

For hundred of years the fly fisherman have concentrated on these beautiful fivers and lakes searching for salmon and sea trout and often with great rewards. The lakes and rivers of South West Kerry are world famous for their fishing, and justly so. Lough Currane is the jewel in the crown and is undoubtedly the best sea trout lake in western Europe.

Many of the rivers still have good runs of salmon and, if the drift nets leave us, they may soon be as good as they were 50 years ago...

But all this is well known. Many an angler has stood in Waterville and watched the waves rolling in as he waited for the guide to go afloat on Lough Currane for a day. Few if any ever considered trying their fly rod in the sea. Why should they? Nobody had done it before them.    

South West Kerry has arguably the best bass fishing in Europe. Thanks to the Irish conservation laws the bass is protected. Even the rod and line angler cannot sell his catch, and many anglers release almost all of these special fish that they catch. Because these and other fish are plentiful the fly rod does have its place in saltwater angling.  

So if that is you standing on that deserted beach looking out to sea at dawn with your fly rod in you hand, don’t turn aound and head for the hills and mountains. Go for the challenge of the sea and you may be rewarded more than you imagine.