Fly Fishing Vancouver Island

Fly Fishing Vancouver Island

  When you join us for your British Columbia fishing trip, you will experience a unique combination of B.C.'s finest steelhead fishing, salmon fishing, trout fishing, and halibut fishing. Enjoy superb fly-fishing, spinning, and/or our legendary saltwater salmon and bottomfish angling. Experience stunning wilderness scenery, abundant wildlife, and warm hospitality.

Fly Fishing A visiting fishing writer, describing one of our smaller streams wrote: .....I nearly gasped! There before me was the most picturesque pool one could ever imagine...This spot will be recorded in my memory banks as the single most beautiful pool I have ever had the pleasure to fish.

Our fly-fishing spots are located from a 20-50 minute boat ride from the lodge. Some of these spots require short to moderate hikes, so guests should have the appropriate physical mobility necessary to reach these locations.

Variety Our 100% catch and release streams, lakes, and rivers are, indeed, some of the most beautiful, productive, and unpressured waters you’ve never heard of. Our truck can take you to some fine lakes and streams on nearby Gilford Island. Fish small streams or bigger water, dry flies, or wet. Depending on the time of year, you’ll find yourself hooking summer or winter run steelhead, cutthroat trout, dolly varden char, a few rainbow trout, and chinook, silver, and pink salmon.

Experience Levels We have water and fishing opportunities to satisfy every skill level. Experienced anglers will appreciate the variety and challenges of the different streams and waters that we fish.

We are very pleased to provide fly tying and casting instruction to first-timers or beginning anglers. We’ve taught many a guest who had never touched a fly rod before. We’ll teach casting basics and have you (if you wish) tie a fly or two. Then we’ll go out on the water. More often than not, you’ll land your first fly-caught fish.

Small Streams Our guides will take you into lovely small streams where the sighting of another angler would be an extraordinary event. Tying into a leaping, twisting, running steelhead or silver salmon in a stream that you might be able to cross in two jumps is quite an angling thrill. Want a real challenge? Bring your 10 weight gear, fast sink tip line, a strong arm, and hook a 20-60 pound chinook salmon in a stream on a stripped fly. Landing that fish, however, is quite another matter.

Wakeman River If larger water is on your menu, you’ll want to take our full-day Wakeman River float trip. Designated as Classified Waters by the B.C. government, we are one of only two lodges authorized to fish the spectacularly beautiful and legendary Wakeman. Again, rarely will you see other anglers. Clear in the spring and turning to a striking jade green color in the mid and late summer, the Wakeman has very often been noted as the highlight of our guests´ trip.

Your Wakeman day starts off with a 50 minute boat ride up lovely Kingcome Inlet. Then, a short truck ride up the river to your put-in spot. Starting off in a small tributary, you and your guide will raft and fish your way down the river through innumerable pools and runs. After hooking your fill of steelhead, salmon, trout, or dollies, (depending on the season) you’ll come back to the lodge for another great dinner.

Fly-In Fishing Should you want even more variety and excitement, with advance notice, floatplane and/or helicopter charters can be arranged (extra charges apply) that will take you right from the lodge to fish nearby pristine and rarely fished lakes and streams.