As summer is here at last I always like a bit of sport on the surface and carp offers some great sport. OK some people say how? Easy same as carp anglers, fish with floating baits such as bread dog free offerings and on the end of the leader using a fly of deer hair looking like a dog biscuit or a floating piece of bread. The tackle I am using has to have backbone but also needs flexibility for excellent presentation, carp are not daft fish. I used an Aleka A4 9ft 6 8wt rod, the reel needs to have a nice strong drag and hold a lot of backing as carp will run a long way and never give up till the end, so I used an A4 fly reel with a 10lb leader. A big carp landing net and good unhooking mat are also essential.

I wanted a venue with a good head of carp, so I went to a local water I fished lots of times before and I’ve seen some big carp along with some smaller fish to - so a good mixed bag. I started to get the mixer going in and getting the carp feeding well and then I cast in to the feeding fish making sure I lay the line down on the water very light so not spooking the fish.

Boy was it hard to get a hook up, very hard but I kept on feeding and trying and just as the sun was going down I got a hook up and did it go on its first run! It must have taken about 50 yd's of backing off the reel and the drag came in to play and worked very, very well. The A4 rod handled superb and was bending nicely. I kept pressure on the fish and the fight was going on and on with this carp, one tough cookie, every time I thought I had it beat, it went on a run so I just let rod and reel do the work… after about 5 to 10 min's she was kissing the net.

I made sure the unhooking mat was wet I brought the net over to the mat making sure the carp was safe after a few pics. I returned the fish making sure it was able to swim back strong.

Great evening of fun and hope to get a bigger one next time!
Tight Lines, Deano

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/07/2012