I'm delighted to say my very first fish to christen my new Aleka 10" 5# fly rod, a truly stunning and particularly beautifully conditioned and marked wild brown trout of some 4.07lbs!

For your interest, my background has been involved with top end high class fishery/ fish farm management and big game fishing for the last 30 years. So if I am allowed to say, I am particularly fussy and detailed about all I do, whether that is for my own fishing or more importantly, for my valued clients.

Firstly, I would like to say, a hearty congratulation to you and your staff for keeping me "up to speed" with the delivery of my new rod. That always makes a great impression and gives you complete peace of mind.

I must say I was very excited to receive my well protected package and my first impression on assembling my new rod was how light it was in my hand. The build and finish superb, I have been searching for quite some time for a four piece 10" 5# with a fighting butt.

So back to your superb rod and it’s very first outing.  Conditions were poor to say the least!  40mph winds when I got up to the Moor and heavy rain showers passing through, air temp a chilly 6 degrees Celsius. I was incredibly impressed by the way the Aleka handled the conditions by giving me excellent presentation and complete control of my fly line and team of flies at all times.

An hour and a half later as I cast and moved my way around this vast expanse of wild water, my line finally tightened and this huge fish "exploded" angrily out of the water, in a series of spectacular head shaking jumps, ripping off line as it tried to shake out my barbless hook. With the extreme weather conditions, the size of the fish and a new rod in hand. To say I was all a tingle with adrenaline, well I'm sure you can imagine.

Having 10 feet of rod gives you a fantastic amount of control and even though this stunning brown trout, tried a whole gambit of tricks to get rid of the hook. I was able to stay in full control, all be it through shaky hands. This incredible fish is my second every biggest wild Brown Trout and my very best for the UK. The other best fish... was a stunner taken high up on a mountain side in deepest South Island New Zealand, where I worked and lived for many years. That fish weighed in at a superb 5.08lbs and was taken on a grey wolf dry. This beautiful fish below, fell to a small size 14 barbless, black and peacock foam Beatle.

What a fantastic way to christen my new rod, which I am delighted to say performed in true flying colours throughout the battle and the day, high up in those extreme conditions on Bodmin moor. Three more fish followed, which were all released to grow bigger and fight another day.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a 10" 5# with a fighting butt... take it from me... this rod comes highly recommend, in all aspects. From its build and fittings to its fantastic casting attributes and controlled fighting abilities.

A special thank you and congratulations go to you and your team.

Respectfully yours.

Captain: Keith B. Leeves


Posted in ALEKA News on 06/08/2013