I have been fly fishing for over 45 years.  I have caught thousands of fish on every rod from bamboo, fiberglass, and now Aleka.  I was not convinced that Aleka could add anything to my fishing.  I am writing to tell you I am eating my hat.  My first one was the A8 and it tightened my loop, and increased my distance.  Still cannot believe how much this change my cast.  The rod does not catch fish, it only delivers the fly where you want it.  That is where your talent takes over.  Aleka delivered on their promise.  I have since bought the A4, and A3 versions.  Aleka even upgraded an order to assure I received it promptly.  Thank You Aleka.   I have 17 fly rods of many popular brands.  I am replacing them with Aleka.  I am up to Five Aleka Rods.  If you are like me and have doubt, just order.  Aleka will convince you every time you go fishing.  

Brian Silver, Colorado USA

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/03/2017