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If you can land a 30-35 kilos sailfish on an ALEKA A6 Fly Rod, you can certainly land a salmon, muskie, pike, bonefish or even tarpon! Ian Pinto from Fishzone Sportfishing - "Our guest Italian fly fisher using an ALEKA A6 Fly Rod 9'0" #12 on our fishing charter landed and safely release the sailfish, weighing approximately about 30 - 35 kilos in Kuala Rompin, Malaysia." A6 Fly Rod... arguably, the most exciting way to land a sailfish!

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/24/2018

IN THE NET REVIEW 2018 - FLY FISHING & FLY TYING 'IT SIMPLY CASTS WELL - LOVELY' "ALEKA 3XT SERIES - TACKLE TESTER REVIEW! Review by Magnus Angus, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying "Typically I find I take a little time, a few casts, to get in tune with a rod, not this rod. I don't or didn't know this rod - not met it before - but it cast like a familiar rod from the get go. No quirks or tricks, no demand. I can't think of any time when I had to make accommodation for the Aleka - it simply casts well." "I can relax and concentrate on good form and timing: brining my line-hand up to the reel, let the back-cast get almost straight, stroke forwards smoothly - stop the rod to decide the loop width/shape. For casting, that combination is nothing short of excellent. Lovely. "

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/13/2018

Great fishing! Love the A3 9' #4!!!! Sent in by Erik Ulrich, Oregon, United States Thanks Erik for sending in the photo, wonderful fish and colors!

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/13/2018

NEW GEAR GUIDE 2018 - TROUT FISHERMAN 'SMOOTH CASTER WITH HIDDEN POWER' "ALEKA 3XT SERIES - TACKLE TESTER'S CHOICE AWARD! Review by Robbie Winram, Trout Fisherman "The rod just took over, doing all the work for also had quite a hidden depth of power that I could call on, especially when trying to punch out a denser medium to fast sinking lines into cross or head-on winds. " "The 10ft 7wt is perfect for larger waters and can handle a good range of lines. The 9ft 5wt suits small stillwaters and top of the water sport. Very good price too."

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/11/2018