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Trout & Salmon review the full range of Aleka Fly Rod, Reel & Line Outfits. "Aleka’s tackle has received impressive reviews in Trout & Salmon and Trout Fisherman. Matching a fly-line to a rod and reel can be tricky, but not when you buy a matched outfit from Aleka. Whether you would like to give someone their first fishing tackle as a great Christmas gift or perhaps upgrade your own gear, Aleka has complete outfits that will meet the demands of almost all trout and saltwater sport. Aleka is a thoroughly modern fishing tackle company and what it lacks in heritage it more than makes up for with the style and quality of its products, its highly competitive prices, and excellent customer service."

Posted in ALEKA News on 11/27/2012

Pick up a copy of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine from your local store. Read Aleka Fly Rod Reviews by Magnus Angus of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/13/2012

"As an obviously well-made medium-fast action rod, the Aleka A3 9' 5# model I tested would be perfect for a small stillwater or river angler and is priced to appeal to those new to the sport and also those with an eye for a bargain, particularly while their launch pricing offer of 50% discount applies meaning you can buy this rod for just £64.99 right now!" "I would certainly recommend trying an Aleka rod out if you can - I don't think you will be disappointed but think about it quick while that 50% offer applies!"

Posted in ALEKA News on 03/22/2012

ALEKA's A3 & A4 Rods, Reels & Lines are currently featured in the 2012 Gear Guide included in this months Trout Fisherman & Trout & Salmon magazines.

Posted in ALEKA News on 03/17/2012

"Where the Aleka feels at home, feels right is simply punching out straight overhead casts - again and again. Loops are tidy and easily controlled so turnover is good. In the hand this feels like a powerful rod, cast a line and it lives up to that sense of power, it seems to me this A3 was designed to let me throw an #8 line a long way in some style..."

Posted in ALEKA News on 03/06/2012