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I've been looking for a 5wt rod for awhile, checking all of the different manufactures and seeing what they had to offer. I was sold on a Orvis combo, until I saw what Aleka was offering, and what type of company they are. So I ordered the A-4 combo!! For those of you that are hesitant about purchasing an Aleka Product DON'T BE! I was very impressed with the quality and finish of the rod, as well as having real eyelets not snake guides. It's light and powerful and balanced and they offer a "machined reel" with a well sealed drag (what are you kidding me!!) I thought the drag might be jerky but no way, nice and smooth! It cast's fantastic. It's easy to peel out 60ft of line. My first trip out with this combo I caught 2 good size bow's and a small white fish. Handled all including some semi-tired chum. I thought the chumy's would give the drag a run for its money, but with a few click's of the drag i could bring them to a stop. That was awesome!! Love My A-4 Fred in Seattle Aleka For Life!!

Posted in ALEKA News on 12/15/2012

ALEKA A4 FLY ROD, REEL AND LINE - November 1st 2012, Aleka customer Mitch Benway caught the Texas State record Hi-Fin Blue Catfish on his Aleka A4,9’ #6, reel and line outfit. Mitch added, "The fish weighed 8.94 lbs. Not a bad catch on a 6 weight. The rod, reel and line performed great. This rod has more backbone than my other brand could ever produce. Thanks for selling me this great rod, reel and line."

Posted in ALEKA News on 12/06/2012

Trout & Salmon review the full range of Aleka Fly Rod, Reel & Line Outfits. "Aleka’s tackle has received impressive reviews in Trout & Salmon and Trout Fisherman. Matching a fly-line to a rod and reel can be tricky, but not when you buy a matched outfit from Aleka. Whether you would like to give someone their first fishing tackle as a great Christmas gift or perhaps upgrade your own gear, Aleka has complete outfits that will meet the demands of almost all trout and saltwater sport. Aleka is a thoroughly modern fishing tackle company and what it lacks in heritage it more than makes up for with the style and quality of its products, its highly competitive prices, and excellent customer service."

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"I purchased both a 5 wt and 8 wt A4 fly rod, along with the A4 corresponding reels. I am extremely satisfied with these rods as they cast great. The A4 reels are a perfect fit for these rods. The reels are of a very high quality, and make the perfect combo for me. I definitely look forward to using & purchasing more of ALEKA's quality products. Best, Mitch"

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Pick up a copy of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine from your local store. Read Aleka Fly Rod Reviews by Magnus Angus of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

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Chinook Salmon caught on the fly Landed by Scott Fierst, Professional Northwest Fishing Guide, Washington State, USA Chinook landed on ALEKA A4 Fly Rod (4 Piece) 9'0" #8 Outfit

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/12/2012

Ghenadie Nedov of the Republic of Moldova landed a stunning Chub on the fly, size 1.9 kg, 52 centimeters. Ghenadie uses an ALEKA A4 Fly Rod (4 Piece) 9'6" #8 and matching A4 reel and line.

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/11/2012

Just broke in my new Aleka 10ft 4 piece wf7 rod, I had over 40 fish that same day up to 13lb all on dries, on a 4lb tipped using CDC shuttle cocks. Highly recommend this rod for the money, and will be using the same rod in January for my trip to New Zeland.

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/07/2012

As summer is here at last I always like a bit of sport on the surface and carp offers some great sport. OK some people say how? Easy same as carp anglers, fish with floating baits such as bread dog biscuit...as free offerings and on the end of the leader using a fly of deer hair looking like a dog biscuit or a floating piece of bread. The tackle I am using has to have backbone but also needs flexibility for excellent presentation, carp are not daft fish. I used an Aleka A4 9ft 6 8wt rod, the reel needs to have a nice strong drag and hold a lot of backing as carp will run a long way and never give up till the end, so I used an A4 fly reel with a 10lb leader. A big carp landing net and good unhooking mat are also essential.

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Being at home again after our mountain holidays in the Engadin, I am very happy with my new Aleka rod etc. Thanks for everything and tight lines Yours Paul Zehnder, Switzerland

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This rod is amazing the reel is even better. Look at the trout I pulled in on this rod they ran like running backs. Thank you. Dennis Meyer, SC United States

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‘The great advantage of a rod as fast as this is that the speed of the line can overcome the tendency of the wind to play hell with your aim.’ ‘It throws tight, fast loops and the tip loads and recovers very quickly. I can see regular competition anglers going for this rod. The fast action allows you to pick up a length of line and cover a rising fish at speed. It’s also good for sinking lines because the action makes you feel you’re always in touch with your flies and it can lift a sinking line smartly from the water.’

Posted in ALEKA News on 06/12/2012

Alan Bradford landed his first fish with his new A4 rod and reel. A nice 3.5 lbs from Loganlea fishery (on the outskirts of Edinburgh). Caught on a Daves Hopper fly using his ALEKA A4 Fly Rod (2 Piece) 9'0" #6. "It was a great fight on the 6 weight rod and hopefully first of many!"

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What a rod!!!! This rod has some back bone to it wow!!! My A4 2piece 6wt 9ft is one of the best rods I have had in my hands for over forty five years. The line just flows out--I have been making longer casts than I would normally do, like casting an average of 55-60ft and this was all afternoon-- no fatigue. And accurate--I am so pleased with this rod--I will be getting another one. Not bad for a trout rod!!!! I don't trout fish anymore and the small mouths are in deep trouble with this stick. Oh the line shoots out like a 22 rifle fast and accurate very accurate.

Posted in ALEKA News on 06/03/2012

Matthew Slater in action at Lenches Lakes Worcestershire, England landing a nice 2.4 pounds Rainbow. Matt is often seen fishing local competitions and enjoys great success with the Aleka A4 (4 Piece) 9'6" #8 Outfit. Lenches Lakes is a little jewel in Worcestershire and offers the Fly Fisher a peaceful and tranquil venue owned and operated by Simon and Amanda Badger, photo taken by Ed the Fishery Manager.

Posted in ALEKA News on 05/28/2012

The A4 is the faster-action sibling of the A3 we reviewed in April and it is a lovely rod to cast. We spent a lot of time with a four-piece 9ft 6wt using three Rio Gold lines (5wt, 6wt and 7wt) and it performed with all three, favouring the lighter lines, which suggests some good carbon in the blank. Importantly, you could really feel the rod load, at short and long range. You can wind things up and the cast won't buckle or you can tap out something shorter: it's versatile.

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"I have seen the rod in action on my syndicate water. I am genuinely ecstatic about getting it out there!" "Set-up arrived very swiftly! Took it out on the club water today, banked a nice brownie just shy of two pounds (second cast) and three rainbows to two and a half. Thanks for the excellent service and the excellent product! The rod handles like a dream (Aleka A4 5WT - 4 sections), and the drag on the reel (Aleka A3) smooth as anything."

Posted in ALEKA News on 05/05/2012

"I guess Aleka's A4 series is geared towards those of us who like casting..." Fly Fishing & Fly Tying review on the A4 9' Fly Rod... "In the hand, this feels nimble. Light, crisp, and fast. Matched with a #5 line, loops are easily controlled, and with a little attention to timing and the casting arc the A4 can throw very tight loops. I guess Aleka's A4 series is geared towards those of us who like casting..." Aleka A4 9' #5 - Tackle Bag Review by Magnus Angus, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying

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Hi John, fish just under 10lbs from Lechlade in Wiltshire (by the way they supply wheelbarrows if you catch the big ones and believe me you need one) as for the rod and reel wow what a match, once I fitted the reel with a 6w intermediate line and made my first cast what a surprise the ease of casting nice tight loops all day the lightness when matched with the Aleka4 5/6w reel which was nice and smooth especially when I hooked my last fish of the day, both the rod and reel are built to the standards expected from the higher end of the market the reel stacks up well against my Sage 6w and the rod was a revelation. I don't know how you do it for the price but I for one am glad you did. Tight lines, Rick Moore

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"I've fished with all the top brand rods. Honestly, if you had taped over the blank when I was using this rod I would have thought it was a Sage or Thomas and Thomas. Very very good rod! Cast fluently and turns over big crab flies into the wind with ease. This rod is a joy to cast! Great bonefish and permit rod". Rev. Chip Kawalsingh Chip Kawalsingh just returned from a successful trip to Trinidad and Tobago, and you can probably tell from the photo and feedback above he really enjoyed his new ALEKA A4 Fly Rod 9'0" #9.

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Just landed! When you hook into a fighting Steelhead in the State of Washington, you better be 100% certain your tackle is up for the challenge. That’s why the Professional Guides at ‘Guide You To Fish Northwest’ use and recommend ALEKA fly rods, reels and lines. Amazing casting action and distance, sensitive, powerful when playing and landing large Steelhead. When you're looking for pure enjoyment of the sport... consider your next purchase... then go visit our friends at www.GuideYouToFish.com. Guaranteed happy customers and happy guides! ALEKA - Catch the Moment

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Image sent to ALEKA by Ghenadie Nedov, Republic of Moldova. First fish landed on his new ALEKA A4 Fly Rod (4 Piece) 9'6" #8 Good day! I have successfully got the rod A4 9'6 8wt and very pleased with the appearance and performance, I promise you that they provide. Sincerely Ghenadie Nedov.

Posted in ALEKA News on 03/26/2012

Thought I would send you a picture of one of the Bonefish we caught in Ascension Bay, Mexico. Caught about 25 on the first day, all with your Clouser Flies and A4 Fly Rod. Many thanks for great products and excellent service. Best regards, Bernard Cronshaw

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ALEKA's A3 & A4 Rods, Reels & Lines are currently featured in the 2012 Gear Guide included in this months Trout Fisherman & Trout & Salmon magazines.

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Well I'll eat my phone case.... a double brown at Garnffrwd. I purchased the 9' #5 A4 in December 11 and have found it to be a superb rod. As a postscript to my initial testimonial I should like to say it has produced the biggest brown I have ever caught weighing in at between 10 and 12lb. The fish fought extremely hard, and despite being on a 5lb tippet with a size 16 Greenwell Glory spider, the rod handled the fish comfortably. At no time did I feel under-gunned. I have included a photo but apologies for the phone case in my mouth, I was so excited I didn't realise it was there. - Andrew Griffin Congratulations Andrew, a wonderful fish! ALEKA Team.

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