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Aleka Tech Flyfishing vest - Trout Fisherman Review - Current Issue
'The Trout Fisherman Product Testing Team review the new Aleka Tech Fly Fishing Vest.'

"THIS lightweight nylon vest with a polyester lining has plenty of storage options including two padded chest pockets that will take large (8 x 4 x 1.5 inch) fly boxes. And what's nice about these pockets is the double zip openings and the fact that they are easy to open one-handed - always a good thing when you are trying to juggle rod, flies, fly box etc..."

"Having read a review in Trout Fisherman I decided this was the vest for me. I ordered it and it arrived the very next day and you can't ask for more than that. Vest quality is excellent, lots of pockets but not too many that you forget where you put something. Great fit and adjustable for when wearing over a jacket. Can't fault it and the superb customer service I received was a nice bonus." Richard Leece, United Kingdom

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