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Scott FerrisAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

REVIEW OF THE ALEKA A8 FLY ROD. When I receive any fly fishing equipment in the mail, I am like a kid in a candy store. IT'S CHRISTMAS AT MY HOUSE!!! I recently received an Aleka A8 flyrod, 9 foot, 6 wt. Taking it out of the box, I found a sturdy rod tube and cloth rod sack, both well made. I pulled out the 4 pc rod. First, I looked at the bottom section: the reel seat, with a lovely walnut insert and well-fitting up-locking reel screw. The cork gripe felt very comfortable in my small hand. I noticed the cork, which did not have any defects occasionally found on even higher priced rods. Each section had the obligatory alignment dots and they were right on. I put the sections together and had to check the rod size and line wt as it felt too light. What a relief that a 6wt rod can feel so light in your hands, yet sturdy. Aleka's ARC Technology is fantastic. I assembled the rod, took one of my reels with a WF6F line out to the back yard of grass. A few false casts to get line out quickly telegraphed to me that this was one powerful rod for a 6wt. Without exaggeration, the line really took off and in short order 50 and 60 feet went out. Nice for Steelhead, which is one species I will target with this rod. Equally, short distances were easy to lay out. Later when casting on the River, roll casts were so easy to achieve with this rod. And water hauls were a breeze. I had enrolled in a Fly casting course for instructors recently and used the A8 in the class. It performed with elegant style and did everything I asked of it. From "pick up and lay down" to Double haul, it was flawless. Make no mistake, I am not a "Certified Casting Instructor" but wanted to learn how to teach beginners to fly cast. Well, I will use my A8 for all instructions. Well done, ALEKA for designing a rod that beginner or expert can cast with ease. As they say: "SPOT ON!" Scott from Washington

27 August 2015
Eddie Sweeney, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Wow! It really catches fish.

06 August 2015
Jay Hanson, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I broke my Winston Rod 2 weeks before our trip to the Snake in Jackson Hole. No time to get it repaired before trip, so took a chance on a Aleka A4 9' 5wt. To tell you the truth, didn't miss the Winston. Made my longest cast to a fish 30 plus ft. and snagged it on a PMD. Will buy from Aleka again.

27 July 2015
James Anderson, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Rod Outfit/Combos

What a great action! This rod feels like a competitors that I will not mention but suffice it to say that rod sells for three times more than what I paid for the X-2. This is the third Aleka rod I have purchased and I am never disappointed. Customer service cannot be beat. Good job guys!

20 July 2015
Darin Yoder, United StatesAbout Tan Elk Hair Caddis Dry Flies

I just received some tan elk hair caddis flies from Aleka. First cast and bam. 16 inch brown trout. Nice flies. Thanks!

26 June 2015
Brandon Conrad, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Aleka products are great! All products that I have received are top quality. I love my new fly rod. Customer service was top notch and the rep was very helpful and knowledgeable of the products. I couldn't be happier with my fly rod and shipping was supper fast. I thank you for such a great products and you will definitely see more orders comming from my way. Thanks, Brandon

16 June 2015
Gordon Laight, CanadaAbout ALEKA A4 Rod Outfit/Combos

Very impressed with Aleka. John was very helpful when I called to ask questions before placing my order. The A4 combo arrived in a very timely manner and I have to say that I was impressed when I opened the package and looked over my new rod, reel and landing net and was even more impressed when I got the combo out into the wild. The rod loads and casts with ease and picks up with little effort. Will be likely looking at another combo very shortly!

11 June 2015
Shawn Covert, United StatesAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

My 7'6" A8 showed up today. I ordered it four days ago. Wow, does it cast nice. Within a minute of feeling it out I felt like I could easily cast it further than either of my 9' 5wt rods. Which makes me a little sad that I bought a different 9'5wt rod about a month ago. I'm in the market for a streamer rod in the future and have already made my choice already. I'm thinking the A8 7wt will be like a laser guided rocket launcher. And for the price it's a crazy good deal. You'll be getting a call next payday.

22 May 2015
Lois Eckler, United StatesAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

Ronnie Eckler - purchased an 8 foot for 4 weight line. Loads up quickly and shoots line like a rocket. Love the grips and the way it feels in my hand. Lots of fun to fish with. Perfect for me.

20 May 2015
Nathan Oliver, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

After being introduced to the sport by a good friend last summer, I decided over the winter to invest in a quality road and reel for this year. After much research over the winter, I opted for the A3 combo. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised! My combo arrived less than a week after placing my order. After getting my first chance to use the outfit this past weekend in the NY Catskills, I'm confident I couldn't have made a better decision. My far more experienced buddy/guide/mentor remarked that it made his far more expensive setup feel like "a lifeless cadaver"! You have a new lifelong customer.

18 May 2015
Tarik Makota, United StatesAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

I've been long time Orvis/SAGE "user" until I got my 10" 5wt ALEKA rod about year or so ago. Fishing (nymphing) Neversink now has whole new meaning (grin).

11 May 2015
Justin Niesen, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Currently new to fly fishing! Am pretty satisfied with my A3 combo! Practiced with it a couple times already! High quality and good looks, very smooth! Everything I expected! Would recommend to others!

29 April 2015
Richard Banks, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

I recently purchased the ALEKA X2 Fly Rod 9' #5 and couldn't be happier. Beautifully constructed of quality materials, this rod delivers everything you need in a rod without the expensive price tag. If you can forego big name brand bragging rights, save your money. I fished this rod for a week across OR/ID/MT with nymphs and dries - love the fast action and spine performance.The attention to detail is great top to bottom - don't know how they can deliver this level of value.... and the rod tube is twice as nice as the others I have. RJB

28 April 2015
Darwin Lunn, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

I ordered an Aleka X2 10' 4wt rod for nymphing on the Missouri River and smaller streams in my area. Service was prompt with excellent communication after the sale. I was surprised at the quality of not only the rod but the sock and tube. The rod is a true fast action rod that has the appearance and feel similar to much more expensive rods I own. It would be a good value at twice what it costs. I am very happy with my X2 and Aleka Sports and will purchase products again in the future.

25 April 2015
James Thumma, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I bought my first Aleka rod last summer a 3 wt. After two weeks I immediately bought a second rod.(8wt) Recently leaving my home in the wee hours of the night I closed my suburu hatch and heard the horrible sound of my rod tip breaking off. I actually was able to take a section off my other Aleka to salvage the day which put a huge smile back on my face. That night I contacted Aleka and let them know my situation and that I was not sure if I submitted my warranty information. There amazing team immediately got me taken care of and my replacement piece ordered. Within 48 hours of my stupidity the replacement section was shipped. Having a great product is one thing, providing great service on top of it is world class!

15 April 2015