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Karl Barton, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

Customer service is excellent. John responded quickly and was very helpful.

21 April 2017
Brian SilverAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

I have been fly fishing for over 45 years. I have caught thousands of fish on every rod from bamboo, fiberglass, and now Aleka. I was not convinced that Aleka could add anything to my fishing. I am writing to tell you I am eating my hat. My first one was the A8 and it tightened my loop, and increased my distance. Still cannot believe how much this change my cast. The rod does not catch fish, it only delivers the fly where you want it. That is where your talent takes over. Aleka delivered on their promise. I have since bought the A4, and A3 versions. Aleka even upgraded an order to assure I received it promptly. Thank You Aleka. I have 17 fly rods of many popular brands. I am replacing them with Aleka. I am up to Five Aleka Rods. If you are like me and have doubt, just order. Aleka will convince you every time you go fishing. Brian Silver, Colorado USA

02 April 2017
John Melton, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Just received 2 of the A3 rods. Very prompt service from VA. I have not cast either rod yet. The half price sale was difficult to resist! Thanks!

29 March 2017
Daniel Klag, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Reel 7/8

Made my first purchase of an A3 rod and reel. The delivery was fast and it seem to have very good quality. Plan on using the new gear soon this spring.

18 March 2017
Ross Clark, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

Just got my 8 weight combo about a week ago. I haven't had it out fishing yet but it casts like a rocket in my yard.

16 March 2017
Larkin Dupree, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Took the 5wt out last weekend first used 4wt line and it did not load well then put 6wt line and wow 65ft cast with ease. Loaded great and 19 year old son took it back to college after spring break. BTW caught fish too Loaded

14 March 2017
Michael Peters, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Rod Outfit/Combos

I had a great experience when I purchased my rod and reel. Very great customer service!!

14 February 2017
Randy Waugh, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Reel 5/6

Had a problem with an order, but Aleka was great in taking care of it and getting my order to me quickly. Very pleased with their service.

09 December 2016
David A. Huthmaker, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Great service, great product, affordable price, thank you Aleka sports, you made it possible for me to experience Fly Fishing for steelhead!

04 December 2016
Scott Pressman, United StatesAbout X2 Spinning Reel

Easy, quick and great products!

14 September 2016
Jacob Novak, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

Great buy for the price. I have yet to take the rod out on the water but it feels amazing when just flinging around the house. For $200 you get the whole package which includes a warranty, fly line, rod, reel, dry flys, and a rod tube. I'm very impressed with the quality of the products and customer support/shipping. I will definitely be ordering all future fly fishing tackle from Aleka.

29 July 2016
Paul Kennedy, CanadaAbout ALEKA A8 Rod Outfit/Combos

After researching a few different brands and some input from a fellow friend and fisherman, I was sold on the A8 combo. I contacted John who was awesome to deal with and placed my order. Only one week later I recieved my package. I am very pleased with the friendly service and quick shipping. I encourage anyone who's looking for a new combo that performs to perfection but don't break the bank; to contact John and take advantage of this great deal.

20 June 2016
Robert Christie, United StatesAbout X2 Spinning Reel

Great product, great customer service.

28 May 2016
Brett Marty, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

A big thanks to John and Aleka for the great customer service. I received my A3 rod combos with an upgrade to A8 reels. The rods and reels feel great... Now time to go chase some Steelhead!

05 February 2016
Joe Todd, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

After researching several different nymphing fly rods and after a lot of different recommendations from some professional angler friends, I came across a rod I had not heard of, the Aleka X2 EVOLVE. So, I contacted John at Aleka to inquire about the EVOLVE, after several conversations with John I was sold. I ordered the EVOLVE for a tournament I was fishing, in just a couple weeks from our conversation. I had the rod within a few days and was out on the water putting it through the paces, it performed flawless, first fish landed was a 20” rainbow. Then came the tournament, in each session the EVOLVE became my primary rod, the feel this rod has when short line or long line nyphing is amazing, I could feel the nymphs bouncing of the rocks, and the subtle take that the trout were giving was noticed immediately. Landed a 25” rainbow beast, on this 3wt. allowed me to fight this fish and put in the net in less than 2 minutes. For me an incredible accomplishment on a 3wt. using 6x tippet. The EVOLVE is now a major player in my arsenal. I have now order the Aleka X2 2wt. 10’ and can’t wait to see what happens now. Thanks to Aleka for an incredible product. Riverlake Fly Fishing

24 November 2015