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Brock Place, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Great Outfit! Quality with the right price! First time out and caught my limit of trout! Couldn't be happier with Aleka!

Mark Marchetti, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

Some friends have invited me to go on a fishing trip to the River of No Return Wilderness Area. I have not been fly fishing for a few years and decided to get back into it. They suggested I look at ALEKA products and get a rod, reel, line outfit. It was a one stop shopping experience. Everything was matched and ready for the type of fishing I will be doing. When I received the equipment I was very pleased with the quality. I've been practicing my casting and am now ready to go. Hope to send you a photo of the grand fish I plan on catching. Thanks. Mark Marchetti Author of Lizard Key

Jerry W FrenchAbout ALEKA A4 Rod Outfit/Combos

Aleka Sports is new to me but may become my supplier of choice. They provided excellent service for my recent order. I hope the redfish in the bay at Panama City, FL perform as well when I use the 9 wt combo recently purchased. Now it is time to learn to tie a good Cathys Fleeing Crab imitation fly ( or purchase some from Aleka as they have a great looking one). J W French (Tellico Plains, Tennessee)

Christopher Francis, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Rod Outfit/Combos

I have ordered a Aleka 5/6 wt rod reel combo not long ago, I have to say i am very happy with Aleka setup. I have owned many big name rods in the past. Aleka rods throw as well as all the big names on the market, they throw smooth with little effort, and recover quick when you make a mistake. I have to say i am very happy with my 5/6 wt setup. I am sure you would be too. Chris

Dave Hills, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

A fish in the hand is worth two in the pond. Aleka had the gear in my hand from across the pond in no time at all with their fast shipping. I am gearing up for another spring fishing trip in Maine and can't wait to try my Aleka outfit.

Parker Butler, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

First Cast with my new Aleka A3 landed me a beautiful Ne Iowa Bow (15) Love the New rod reel and Line combo! Thanks Aleka!

Dale Crookshanks, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Outfits/Combos

I recently purchased the A6 10wt combo. I like the castability of the rod. Ready to purchase a 9wt. Will post again after my Northern Pike trip to MN in May. Dale

Eric Tibbetts, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Rod Outfit/Combos

I started fly fishing about 14 years ago as a teenager, which i had no clue what i was doing then and recently picked it up again last summer. After a few months of using the starter set up (that was 14 years old) and after I got tired of casting a rod that had the action of a wet noodle... I started looking for an upgrade. I was originally sold on the Orvis Clearwater outfit, but then I found Aleka! Which I am glad i did! I ordered the a4 8wt outfit, some flies and a fly box on a Wednesday night online. I received the packages on the following Monday. I am (and my wife) impressed the quality and workmanship of the rod and reel. It casts better than some other top name rods that I have tried in my quest for a new rod. I purchased the 8wt with intentions on using it for large mouth bass. The fast action rod allows me to pick up those big flies and turn it back over quickly with 1 or 2 double hauls to get it back out where I want it. A review I read on this rod said that it excelled at long range casts but not so well at short casts. I can tell you that it is great at short casts! The flies were great quality and the waterproof fly box is awesome espcially for the price! I plan on placing another order in the near future for a 5wt a8 outfit. Overall: very satisfied customer!

Ivan Schroder, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Rod Outfit/Combos

I was surprised my order came to my door step ahead of schedule. The ALEKA A4 Fly Rod color (brown) was better looking in person. I did some mock casting that day with my new rod and it performed great! I could actually cast further with it, I'm thinking it might be Aleka's fly line or it could be the rod never the less, I was happy. I took my new rod to my favorite spot that weekend. The A4 performed even better on the water. Ivan

Darrell Ashworth, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

I already owned 2 fly-fishing outfits and wasn't really looking for another when I received an email about Aleka rods being on sale. I ended up buying an A3 and was amazed how quickly it shipped from the UK to West Virginia. I was so impressed that a few days later I bought a reel, line, backing, stocked up on leaders, and bought some flies & wooly buggers. All of this arrived quickly too. Very impressive service. I'm going to continue to buy from Aleka and hope that I can use my Rewards points to fish in Scotland someday.

Lawrence M. Callahan, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I have been very surprised by the quality of the products from Aleka. Recently I have purchased an A4 5wt outfit, an A8 4wt reel and an A8 4wt rod from Aleka. The quality of the products is a good as the Able, Sage and Winston products I already own. Those orders have arrived within 4 days from date of purchase. I am looking forward to using them on the many small trout streams we have in the Syracuse, NY area.

William Todd, United StatesAbout 24-Piece Dry / Nymph / Wet Assortment

Fast service, Great flies, Good job!! Bill Todd Brewster, MA.

Justin Anderson, United StatesAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

I am very impressed with my A8 10' 4wt and Aleka Sports. To start with, the rod was delivered ahead of the arrival date. This rod is very well built. I took the rod out to give it a test run and it performed flawlessly long line nymphing on the twenty five trout I brought to the net that day with two twenty inchers! I am a part-time guide in Western North Carolina and I would recommend this rod to anyone! Justin Anderson

Greg Nulk, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

Ordering from Aleka has been great. Order arrived ahead of anticipated time in proper shipping containers. Product was just as described.

Fred Carlson, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Rod Outfit/Combos

Hello Fishing Friends I've been looking for a 5wt rod for awhile, checking all of the different manufactures and seeing what they had to offer. I was sold on a Orvis combo, until I saw what Aleka was offering, and what type of company they are. So I ordered the A-4 combo!! For those of you that are hesitant about purchasing an Aleka Product DON'T BE! I was very impressed with the quality and finish of the rod, as well as having real eyelets not snake guides. It's light and powerful and balanced and they offer a "machined reel" with a well sealed drag (what are you kidding me!!) I thought the drag might be jerky but no way, nice and smooth! It cast's fantastic. It's easy to peel out 60ft of line. My first trip out with this combo I caught 2 good size bow's and a small white fish. Handled all including some semi-tired chum. I thought the chumy's would give the drag a run for its money, but with a few click's of the drag i could bring them to a stop. That was awesome!! Love My A-4 Fred in Seattle Aleka For Life!!