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Roxanne Notley, CanadaAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

My first cast using my new 4 piece rod surprised me, I could not believe how smoothly and far my line went out across the river. A great product!

Joe Sharkey, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Not only is the rod exactly what I purchased, but it came a day early. You know that feeling the night before Christmas? Well, it was literally Christmas in July for me. John at Aleka really took care of me and as soon as I finally land that first fish it'll be up. Thanks again. Joe Denver, CO

Mitchell Kessler, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I purchased both a 5 wt and 8 wt A4 fly rod, along with the A4 corresponding reels. I am extremely satisfied with these rods as they cast great. The A4 reels are a perfect fit for these rods. The reels are of a very high quality, and make the perfect combo for me. I definitely look forward to using & purchasing more of ALEKA's quality products. Best, Mitch

Barry Notley, CanadaAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I recently bought and received the A4 4 piece 9' 9wt rod to see how a relatively inexpensive rod compared to Rods 5 times the price. Tried it for the first time on Atlantic Salmon. Very surprised how far and accurate it cast and with little effort. My only regret is that I didn't buy the combo deal. Next time...

Ben Stahlschmidt, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

I am pretty new to fly fishing so I didn't want to spend a lot of money for a high dollar setup. When I saw that Aleka was selling combos for around $200 I immediately investigated and found that they have good products. Once I received my A3 combo I found that it performs great for both trout fishing and lake fishing for bass and panfish. I would definitely recommend this item.

Mitch Benway, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

After talking with John for a while, I was convinced and purchased an Aleka A4 9’ 6#, 2 piece instead of a TFO-BVK. What a good decision. It is windy on my lake here in Texas and this rod has been able to hold the line and still give me the distance in need. I do a lot of wading in the lake, usually up to mid-chest making it even more difficult to keep the line up and the Aleka is up to the challenge. Mitch Benway, Lake Tawakoni, Texas

Brian Gilbert, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Purchased the A4 2 piece for the little bit of bigger water fishing that I do, I figured for the price it is worth a shot after fishing with it a few times I'll tell ya it ranks right up there with some of the big namers.

Frank Mika, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Mini Fly Box

I fish the Elk River in West Virginia alot. It's called the home of the 32's. Yes, you can catch large trout on size 32 flies. This box is perfect for these small flies. You can easily remove the fly you want and it's waterproof. Great quality, great price. Frank Mika, Waynesboro, Va.

Andrew St Pierre, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

I recently purchased two A3 8 weights as backups for an upcoming Canadian Atlantic salmon trip my son and I have planned. Though I have many "high end" rods such as Winston, Sage, T&T, Orvis, etc., I long ago ceased worrying about the name on the blank, preferring to judge my rods by their suitability, responsiveness and overall utility. When I received the rods, I lined a reel with the accompany A4 8 weight line and proceeded to take them out locally in the salt to throw small poppers and baitfish patterns at our resident striped bass. The rods are lovely and exhibit a smooth loading capacity that allows for punching a wind resistant fly to 60-70 feet without over stretching the rods' ability to load and unload cleanly. With a double haul, the rod stood up to the increased line velocity and tip loading well which belied their description as "medium" fast. I would characterize these rods are having a very wide useful band of responsiveness across a range of fishing applications. They are ridiculously good given the current deal and I will be fishing mine straight off the bat once we hit the Miramichi at the end of this month. An A4 is already ordered in 9 weight for casting bombers, btw... Andrew St Pierre Hamilton, Massachusetts

Christopher Austin, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

The A4 6wt 9ft 2 piece rod is one of the best rods I have used in the past forty years. I have used rods costing upwards to 5x's as much and none have out performed this rod. The back bone of this 6wt is unbelievably strong, the cast is effortless even in 30mph winds. The perfect rod to start someone off with, they would never need another rod. Great piece. Thank you Christopher M Austin Shohola Pa. 18458

Julian Gomez, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

I bought your rod, reel, line and backing for my granddaughter as we will be fishing together this summer. Your products have an excellent quality and hopefully will be able to use them for a long time. Pic's to follow later, we hope. Thanks for the prompt shipping.

Jason Younce, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Well the rod/reel combo arrived a couple of days ahead of schedule - nice. Everthing is as advertised and a super deal. Would recommend to anyone wishing to purchase a fly rod/reel combo at a great price.

Christopher Austin, United States

What a rod!!!! This rod has some back bone to it wow!!! My A4 2piece 6wt 9ft is one of the best rods I have had in my hands for over forty five years. The line just flows out--I have been making longer casts than I would normally do, like casting an average of 55-60ft and this was all afternoon-- no fatigue. And accurate--I am so pleased with this rod--I will be getting another one. Not bad for a trout rod!!!! I don't trout fish anymore and the small mouths are in deep trouble with this stick. Oh the line shoots out like a 22 rifle fast and accurate very accurate. Christopher M Austin Pike County PA.

Tim Golden, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

I purchased the A3 flyrod, reel combo and was very impressed with the quality of the rod, I ordered another one for my son, they cast great, we use them for warm water fish mostly, but can't wait to try them for big trout. TR Golden NE.

Chuck Reynolds, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

I have finally been able to fish my 4wt A3 that I purchased a month or so ago. I have to say I am pleased with my purchase as it has performed flawlessly throwing both tandem indicator rigs as well as dries the past two weekends. I haven't found a rod at the price point that matches it quality feel. It also matches several higher priced rods step for step in ability to deliver quality presentations. This rod is quickly becoming a favorite. Paired with the A4 reel it is hard to beat. The A4 drag is smooth as silk. I have been able to land several 16 inch browns in relatively swift water and there was no problem controlling and landing the fish. I, without reservation, recommend the A3 rod and A4 reel. I am sitting down right now to figure out my next purchase. The set of flies that came along as a gift were also pretty nice.