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Jay Petersen, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Initially I just wanted to get a couple of fly rods for my sons but after “field testing” them, I had to get one for myself. The A4 5wt is an awesome rod at an unbelievable price! Jay Petersen

David A. Huthmaker, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Great service, great product, affordable price, thank you Aleka sports, you made it possible for me to experience Fly Fishing for steelhead!

Eddie Sweeney, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Wow! It really catches fish.

Jay Hanson, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I broke my Winston Rod 2 weeks before our trip to the Snake in Jackson Hole. No time to get it repaired before trip, so took a chance on a Aleka A4 9' 5wt. To tell you the truth, didn't miss the Winston. Made my longest cast to a fish 30 plus ft. and snagged it on a PMD. Will buy from Aleka again.

James Thumma, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I bought my first Aleka rod last summer a 3 wt. After two weeks I immediately bought a second rod.(8wt) Recently leaving my home in the wee hours of the night I closed my suburu hatch and heard the horrible sound of my rod tip breaking off. I actually was able to take a section off my other Aleka to salvage the day which put a huge smile back on my face. That night I contacted Aleka and let them know my situation and that I was not sure if I submitted my warranty information. There amazing team immediately got me taken care of and my replacement piece ordered. Within 48 hours of my stupidity the replacement section was shipped. Having a great product is one thing, providing great service on top of it is world class!

Scott Switzer, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

We recently purchased 2 fly rods from Aleka (#4 & #6 A3). We are very impressed with the quality and feel of the rods. There was a minor mix up on the order that was promptly dealt with by the outstanding customer service team. Scott Switzer Jeff Switzer Stanley, North Dakota

David Carter, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

As an avid fly fisher I own many fly rods from several other companies, but wanted a rod with faster action. After seeing an advertisement for Aleka in a magazine I went online to check out their products. I was skeptical at first, as I'm sure many others are, but decided to give them a shot. I purchased a 9ft 6wt on a Sunday night and within four days it arrived. That night I took it out and was very impressed. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have no complaints or regrets about my purchase. It is a bit stiffer than I'm used to, but that's exactly what I wanted. I have no problem launching big bugs into the wind. That being said I will definitely be purchasing more rods from Aleka soon.

Louis Le Pennec, FranceAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I have just received my new A4 9' #8, I have chosen this rod for pike and sea bass in north West Europe, this is a very light an powerful rod. I really like it! As we say in Brittany "elle envoie du bois"(it throws wood!) Thank you for the perfect shipping and merry Christmas to everybody .

Alan Jarman, North YorkshireAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I have purchased 2 Aleka Rods, A4 #5 and #8 together with reels. The quality is excellent and certainly matches the more expensive rods offered by some manufacturers. I have just purchased two new WFF 5 and 8 lines with backing and hope to try them on the rods in the next week or so. Again excellent quality and prompt delivery. I heartily recommend Aleka to both new and experienced anglers.

Bill Stallings, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Used the rod on Rock Creek Lake 2 days after receiving. Cast sink tip & floating line. Rod cast really well even in the wind. Handled both lines well w/ fish connected to the end!

Nick Williams, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I just received my A4 and right out of the box it looked to be a great product after a minor set back and the helpful staff of Aleka I am ready to fish the Platte.

Mario Chaves, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

I recently purchase the A4 8'0" 4wt rod and have used it a couple times now. The first time last Saturday I went to the Fall River Hatchery in Oregon. I land about 8-9 rainbows and hooked 4 to 6 more. I have been told catching that many fish on the Fall River is remarkable. The rod performed beautifully. It gave lots of confidence. This is only my second full year fly fishing so I was very excited. Best fish catching experience so far. Thanks Aleka. I will be recommending your product to everyone.

John Trammell, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Haven't had time to try my new 6-wt yet. It appears to be very well made and finished. The action seems very fast, so when I try it, I'm going to try it with both 6-wt and 7-wt lines.

Michael BookerAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

While I have not used the rod yet, when I received it I was very impressed with the quality of the rod. I found it light weight and very balanced. I would expect to find this rod in the $400 range for its quality. A very nice rod, I have been recommending it to all of my friends.

Pieter Kusseneers, BelgiumAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Thank you for an exceptional service and a fishing rod (A4) that can compete with the big brands. Regards, Pieter Kusseneers