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Justin Palmer, United KingdomAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

I had been looking at my options for fishing French nymphing on the rivers at the start of the morning session with the possibility of quickly changing to dry fly fishing is a rise were to occur. This meant ideally I needed a longer rod quickly changeable to a shorter rod giving me the options of length suitable to fishing style of tree canopy. I first played around with a home made extension of 12" to fit my Greys GRXI 8ft 4 weight. This was ok but not quite a properly designed rod. The Aleka X2 evolve seemed the way to go. I have Fished the rod now in its shorter form dry fly catching a few WBT, Grayling and chub. Also at full 10ft for French nymphing catch a fair few WBT and Grayling. Very impressed so far! Yes I would recommend the X2 evolve :) Happy days

Dudley Daugherty, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

I have been fly fishing for most of my life. My grandfather handed me a fly rod when I was approx. 5 years old. I only own fly rods... I enjoy the experience of fly fishing to the point other types of rods feel foreign to my hands. I receive quite a bit of grief about this, but... who cares. Several years ago I started disliking the major fly rod manufacturers and started purchasing products from the smaller rod builders. A couple years ago I started hearing rumors of Aleka. I was hearing great stories about the quality of their products and their unbelievable service to the customer. A couple months ago, I decided that a 6wt rod was needed for my arsenal of rods... I started looking around and Aleka came to the front. I sent an email to the customer support email and received an almost immediate response from John Openshaw. I had asked several questions... of which he answered all of them and asked if I had more. I was looking for a specific type of rod... a 9' - 10' rod, fast action, 4-piece and the kicker... matte black. Guess what... they had exactly what I was looking for. I ordered the rod... the arrival of the rod was preceded by an email indicating the status of the rod. The rod arrived... very well packed... on time (actually very quickly... a couple days). I have had an opportunity to fish the rod a couple times since receiving... several browns and too many bass to count (I have an 11 acre lake on my property that is loaded with bass... good practice with I do not have the opportunity to make it to the stream). The rod is as advertised... FAST... strong... beautiful. I will be purchasing another rod from Aleka... very pleased and impressed. thanks!

Rudy Dodorico, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

When I ordered this rod-X2 10' 2 wt.- I was not sure what I would get-never having dealt with Aleka before-now I say wow-rod was new to them when I ordered and they stayed in touch frequently to keep me updated-then I fished it-GET ONE