ALEKA® Trophy Landing Net (Sizes Small & Large)

The design, finish and craftsmanship on this burl wood landing net are just stunning. The knotless bag helps prevents damage or injury to fish. Designed to fit small, medium and large rainbows or browns. The ALEKA Trophy Landing Net brings joy both when in use and as a decorative backdrop to your photos of landed fish. The ALEKA Trophy Landing Net includes a removable shoulder strap and top ring for attachment to the back of a fly vest.

ALEKA® Trout Landing Net (Teardrop)

Fish care has been a major focus in the design of this new net. Knotless net ensures easy release and snag free for your flies. The durable hard wood handle gives extra reach when fishing from pontoon or belly boat. The ALEKA Trout Landing Net features a removable shoulder strap and includes a deep bag for handling large fighting fish.