The Italian Style of Casting (Part One)

The Italian Style of Casting (Part One)

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The Italian Style of Casting (Part One)Pal DVDEnglish70 Minutes
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The Italian Style of Casting (Part One)

This DVD takes us through the fundamentals that are required for efficient and effective fly fishing on fast turbulent rivers and streams which are enclosed with heavy vegetation. The DVD was directed and produced by Massimo Magliocco (Aleka's Pro Team Leader), one of Italy’s most famous fly fishing writers and instructors.

In this DVD Massimo shows us that casting styles vary but to be proficient there are certain important rules that must be adhered to regardless of casting style, these are the rules of physics! Massimo takes us through various chapters detailing how basic principles such as rod grip and casting axis can affect the proficiency of the cast. Further chapters show the importance of vibration dampening through the cast and the true nature of thrust within the casting stroke and where the maximum amount of line speed is really achieved.

This DVD is a rare opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from Massimo, one of the World’s finest fly fishermen and fly casting instructors.

Format: Pal DVD. English language (70 minutes, 8 chapters)

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Greg Gilliland, United States

I ordered a A3 rod reel combo on Saturday. Received a email on Sunday the reel was out of stock but I could upgrade to the A4. So after exchanging multiple emails with James that day, I chose to upgrade. He even threw in a extra dozen flies for free. Order shipped on Monday with expected delivery date of Friday. It showed up on Wednesday. Excellent customer service. I will be purchasing from them again soon.

Christopher Austin, United States

What a rod!!!! This rod has some back bone to it wow!!! My A4 2piece 6wt 9ft is one of the best rods I have had in my hands for over forty five years. The line just flows out--I have been making longer casts than I would normally do, like casting an average of 55-60ft and this was all afternoon-- no fatigue. And accurate--I am so pleased with this rod--I will be getting another one. Not bad for a trout rod!!!! I don't trout fish anymore and the small mouths are in deep trouble with this stick. Oh the line shoots out like a 22 rifle fast and accurate very accurate. Christopher M Austin Pike County PA.

Bill Smith (Colorado)

WOW Fantastic flies!! What super quality and attention to detail. I can't wait to go out fishing next. Appreciate the free flies included in the pack, I have passed on to a friend of mine who will probably be your next customer!

Ian Jones

Just to say my fly rod delivery was the fastest delivery I have ever received - Less than 23 hours! I just hope to catch trout as fast as that, many thanks Ian.