Now in stock - ALEKA A8 FLY RODS (4 Piece) The Aleka A8 Fly Rod, one cast it will become your rod of choice. A progressive, smooth-fast action rod capable of improving your casting distance while maintaining a high level of control and precision for an accurate placement of the fly. Engineered to the highest performance standards, these lightweight and highly responsive rod blanks are constructed of the next generation and proprietary Arcâ„¢ Technology that dramatically reduce weight, while creating an aggressive blend of power, action and strength plus maintains the delicate precision for accuracy.

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/25/2012

Pick up a copy of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine from your local store. Read Aleka Fly Rod Reviews by Magnus Angus of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/13/2012

Chinook Salmon caught on the fly Landed by Scott Fierst, Professional Northwest Fishing Guide, Washington State, USA Chinook landed on ALEKA A4 Fly Rod (4 Piece) 9'0" #8 Outfit

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/12/2012

Ghenadie Nedov of the Republic of Moldova landed a stunning Chub on the fly, size 1.9 kg, 52 centimeters. Ghenadie uses an ALEKA A4 Fly Rod (4 Piece) 9'6" #8 and matching A4 reel and line.

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/11/2012

Just broke in my new Aleka 10ft 4 piece wf7 rod, I had over 40 fish that same day up to 13lb all on dries, on a 4lb tipped using CDC shuttle cocks. Highly recommend this rod for the money, and will be using the same rod in January for my trip to New Zeland.

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/07/2012

As summer is here at last I always like a bit of sport on the surface and carp offers some great sport. OK some people say how? Easy same as carp anglers, fish with floating baits such as bread dog free offerings and on the end of the leader using a fly of deer hair looking like a dog biscuit or a floating piece of bread. The tackle I am using has to have backbone but also needs flexibility for excellent presentation, carp are not daft fish. I used an Aleka A4 9ft 6 8wt rod, the reel needs to have a nice strong drag and hold a lot of backing as carp will run a long way and never give up till the end, so I used an A4 fly reel with a 10lb leader. A big carp landing net and good unhooking mat are also essential.

Posted in ALEKA News on 09/07/2012