I've been looking for a 5wt rod for awhile, checking all of the different manufactures and seeing what they had to offer. I was sold on a Orvis combo, until I saw what Aleka was offering, and what type of company they are. So I ordered the A-4 combo!! For those of you that are hesitant about purchasing an Aleka Product DON'T BE! I was very impressed with the quality and finish of the rod, as well as having real eyelets not snake guides. It's light and powerful and balanced and they offer a "machined reel" with a well sealed drag (what are you kidding me!!) I thought the drag might be jerky but no way, nice and smooth! It cast's fantastic. It's easy to peel out 60ft of line. My first trip out with this combo I caught 2 good size bow's and a small white fish. Handled all including some semi-tired chum. I thought the chumy's would give the drag a run for its money, but with a few click's of the drag i could bring them to a stop. That was awesome!! Love My A-4 Fred in Seattle Aleka For Life!!

Posted in ALEKA News on 12/15/2012

'SMOOTH OPERATORS' - ALEKA A8 WINNER TACKLE TESTER'S CHOICE AWARD! Review by Robbie Winram, Trout Fisherman "I was expecting good line lift, fast line speeds, tight loops and better than average distance - and I was not disappointed." "If I had to pick one of these three rods as my favourite it would be the 10ft 8wt. It suits my fishing style down to the ground and is an absolute cracker of a rod."

Posted in ALEKA News on 12/12/2012

ALEKA A4 FLY ROD, REEL AND LINE - November 1st 2012, Aleka customer Mitch Benway caught the Texas State record Hi-Fin Blue Catfish on his Aleka A4,9’ #6, reel and line outfit. Mitch added, "The fish weighed 8.94 lbs. Not a bad catch on a 6 weight. The rod, reel and line performed great. This rod has more backbone than my other brand could ever produce. Thanks for selling me this great rod, reel and line."

Posted in ALEKA News on 12/06/2012