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If you can land a 30-35 kilos sailfish on an ALEKA A6 Fly Rod, you can certainly land a salmon, muskie, pike, bonefish or even tarpon! Ian Pinto from Fishzone Sportfishing - "Our guest Italian fly fisher using an ALEKA A6 Fly Rod 9'0" #12 on our fishing charter landed and safely release the sailfish, weighing approximately about 30 - 35 kilos in Kuala Rompin, Malaysia." A6 Fly Rod... arguably, the most exciting way to land a sailfish!

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/24/2018

IN THE NET REVIEW 2018 - FLY FISHING & FLY TYING 'IT SIMPLY CASTS WELL - LOVELY' "ALEKA 3XT SERIES - TACKLE TESTER REVIEW! Review by Magnus Angus, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying "Typically I find I take a little time, a few casts, to get in tune with a rod, not this rod. I don't or didn't know this rod - not met it before - but it cast like a familiar rod from the get go. No quirks or tricks, no demand. I can't think of any time when I had to make accommodation for the Aleka - it simply casts well." "I can relax and concentrate on good form and timing: brining my line-hand up to the reel, let the back-cast get almost straight, stroke forwards smoothly - stop the rod to decide the loop width/shape. For casting, that combination is nothing short of excellent. Lovely. "

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/13/2018

Great fishing! Love the A3 9' #4!!!! Sent in by Erik Ulrich, Oregon, United States Thanks Erik for sending in the photo, wonderful fish and colors!

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/13/2018

NEW GEAR GUIDE 2018 - TROUT FISHERMAN 'SMOOTH CASTER WITH HIDDEN POWER' "ALEKA 3XT SERIES - TACKLE TESTER'S CHOICE AWARD! Review by Robbie Winram, Trout Fisherman "The rod just took over, doing all the work for also had quite a hidden depth of power that I could call on, especially when trying to punch out a denser medium to fast sinking lines into cross or head-on winds. " "The 10ft 7wt is perfect for larger waters and can handle a good range of lines. The 9ft 5wt suits small stillwaters and top of the water sport. Very good price too."

Posted in ALEKA News on 04/11/2018

ALEKA 3XT Fly Rod Series Feature in SCALE Magazine Aleka Sports LLC and SCALE Magazine publisher Hauke Barz are pleased to announce the ALEKA 3XT Fly Rod Series feature and raffle-off in the current issue #28 of this amazingly creative online magazine. A chance to win one of three ALEKA 3XT fly rods in this raffle-off competition! Click for more detail.

Posted in ALEKA News on 03/02/2018

"This guy doesn’t quite fit in the net! If you’re going to end the season on a high note, then why not with a nice fat 24 Rainbow. Who would have thought there was a fish this size in the Clark Fork. Let me tell you he was a handful on my Aleka 10’ 3wt….. A dream has to be hard enough that the outcome is never sure but not so hard that it can never be……"

Posted in ALEKA News on 11/17/2017

Our featured fly fisherman is ALEKA customer Geoff Knight of Enfield, United Kingdom. Geoff uses the ALEKA A3 Fly Rod, Reel and Line combo outfit and enjoys landing many trout and carp on the fly at local waters! Thanks Geoff.

Posted in ALEKA News on 11/06/2017

Our featured fly fisherman is ALEKA customer Barry Notley of Newfoundland, Canada. Barry uses the ALEKA A4 Fly Rod 9'0" #9 and certainly lands some good size fish! Thanks Barry.

Posted in ALEKA News on 08/14/2017

Our featured fly fisherman is ALEKA customer Barrie Chiasson from Newfoundland, Canada. Barrie, an ALEKA customer for over six years enjoys fishing big waters and landing magnificent fish on his ALEKA A4 Fly Rods!

Posted in ALEKA News on 08/10/2017

Our featured fly fisherman is ALEKA customer Jed Peckham from Florida, landing a magnificent North Georgia trout on a recent trip. Thanks Jed, nice fish!

Posted in ALEKA News on 08/09/2017