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As a company of anglers, we all recognise the need to put something back into the sport from which we derive so much pleasure. We are proud therefore to support and promote a number of fine organisations who, in our opinion, do outstanding work helping to care for our sport and the waters we all enjoy fishing.

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Catch and release

Catch and release fishing is gaining in popularity as more and more anglers are becoming concerned about our fisheries. Increasing numbers of anglers are fishing both accessible waters and remote areas.

Catch and release fishing, zero catch limit or size limit regulations are mandatory in some waters. Without these regulations, the preservation of many fisheries could only be achieved through increased season closures.

More and more people who fish for sport are choosing to release their catch to ensure good fishing for another time. This catch and release philosophy suggests that angling is valued as a high-quality recreational experience, rather than just a way to secure food.

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