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Andrew Martin, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I have been using a Aleka A6 8 weight rod and a A8 reel for over a year now. It’s a solid product and has done an amazing job landing Salmon in Alaska and the Bass in Virginia! It’s had a hard life and one day I snapped the tip section off while trekking through the woods to my spot. Getting the piece replaced was easy and the customer service was incredible! I definitely recommend this product and the warranty is solid! Thanks Aleka!

Jay Petersen, United StatesAbout ALEKA A4 Fly Rod Series

Initially I just wanted to get a couple of fly rods for my sons but after “field testing” them, I had to get one for myself. The A4 5wt is an awesome rod at an unbelievable price! Jay Petersen

Chris Trilivas, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Hi John, thanks for expediting my order so quickly. Everything arrived in good order and I'm looking forward to use it once I reach my destination. The equipment looks great and m hoping for great results. Regards, Chris

Phil Baccarella, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Rod Outfit/Combos

Thanks to John for excellent communication, prompt shipping.I just used my X2 , 696-4 combo purchased last week on Colorado high lake, 11 mile reservoir with float tube. Awesome for big lake, big trout in windy conditions, handled with ease with streamers, so impressed.Had some doubt as the price I paid was hundreds less than expected for a rod to perform that well. I also purchased 4 other combo outfits for kids who are still fishing with this week..A very outstanding day on the water with Aleka products, many thanks.. Phil Baccarella

Larry Cook, United StatesAbout Allys Shrimp Red

Quality products, very promt service.

John Ball, CanadaAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

My Aleka rod combo arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I am very happy with this high quality product. Would definitely add another Aleka to my rod collection.

Chris Factor, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Bought the A3 Fly rod 8'6 #4 during the special offer. My first Aleka product and my only regret is - I should have bought 2 (2wt & 8wt)more. I love it, it casts beautifully, very light. I highly recommend.

Wayne Boles, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Line

Purchased the A3 5' 9wt recently took a fly fishing trip down the Watauga River in East Tennessee, caught several very good fish. Rod exceeded my expectations!! Casting was very smooth, handled the fish very well, and 4 piece made it very easy for travel. My fishing partner tried it an actually preferred it over his Sage outfit. I will most definitely be purchasing another outfit.

Steve Pistolas, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Rod Outfit/Combos

I recently purchased a 10 foot 4wt rod and reel combo. First day using it I landed a 6 lb Rainbow and the rod handled the fish nicely. I like the length and flex. It is perfect for nymph fishing.

Karl Barton, United StatesAbout ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

Customer service is excellent. John responded quickly and was very helpful.

Brian SilverAbout ALEKA A8 Fly Rod Series

I have been fly fishing for over 45 years. I have caught thousands of fish on every rod from bamboo, fiberglass, and now Aleka. I was not convinced that Aleka could add anything to my fishing. I am writing to tell you I am eating my hat. My first one was the A8 and it tightened my loop, and increased my distance. Still cannot believe how much this change my cast. The rod does not catch fish, it only delivers the fly where you want it. That is where your talent takes over. Aleka delivered on their promise. I have since bought the A4, and A3 versions. Aleka even upgraded an order to assure I received it promptly. Thank You Aleka. I have 17 fly rods of many popular brands. I am replacing them with Aleka. I am up to Five Aleka Rods. If you are like me and have doubt, just order. Aleka will convince you every time you go fishing. Brian Silver, Colorado USA

John Melton, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Just received 2 of the A3 rods. Very prompt service from VA. I have not cast either rod yet. The half price sale was difficult to resist! Thanks!

Daniel Klag, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Reel 7/8

Made my first purchase of an A3 rod and reel. The delivery was fast and it seem to have very good quality. Plan on using the new gear soon this spring.

Ross Clark, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Rod Outfits/Combos

Just got my 8 weight combo about a week ago. I haven't had it out fishing yet but it casts like a rocket in my yard.

Larkin Dupree, United StatesAbout ALEKA A3 Fly Rod Series

Took the 5wt out last weekend first used 4wt line and it did not load well then put 6wt line and wow 65ft cast with ease. Loaded great and 19 year old son took it back to college after spring break. BTW caught fish too Loaded