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Andrew Martin, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I have been using a Aleka A6 8 weight rod and a A8 reel for over a year now. It’s a solid product and has done an amazing job landing Salmon in Alaska and the Bass in Virginia! It’s had a hard life and one day I snapped the tip section off while trekking through the woods to my spot. Getting the piece replaced was easy and the customer service was incredible! I definitely recommend this product and the warranty is solid! Thanks Aleka!

Chris Trilivas, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Hi John, thanks for expediting my order so quickly. Everything arrived in good order and I'm looking forward to use it once I reach my destination. The equipment looks great and m hoping for great results. Regards, Chris

Peter Davey, SurreyAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Really happy with my new A6 fly rod, exceptional price and quick delivery. Have recommended the same product to a friend, who recently had his broken by a shark off Mozambique!

Jeff Peacock, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I purchased a 5wt and an 8 wt rod. Arrived as promised and immediately pulled them out to compare with my other rods side by side. Very happy with the results and a great value. On the river the rod can't be beat!

Bruce Wood, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I just landed my first Coho on my new A6 9wt/9ft rod. Casting the rod with a Teeney T-300 shooting head line was smooth and powerful. The moderate flex tip performed great...could feel the controlling power of the mid-rod "backbone." Rod's blue color shows metallic purple in sunlight...spectacular. Very satisfied...as I am with my A8 6wt as well.

Thomas BlailockAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I finally used the Aleka A6 9 wt. I was in Mexico near Belize fishing for permit. I used an Orvis 9 wt. Wonderline. The rod casts like a dream. I was throwing 75-80 feet with ease. What a pleasant surprise. Great rod!

Daniel Freitas, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Just purchased my A6-12wt, very light and a great balance and feel! appears well built and nice finish. Great rod for the price, can't wait to take to Hawaii for some ocean Kyak fishing.

Joseph Narevitz, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Dear Saltwater Flyfishers, I bought a 9 wt. rod from Aleka Sports for a fishing trip to Baja Mexico. I was not sure I would use a 9 wt. very much so I did not want to spend $900.00 for a high end unit. I had the idea that I would use it as a back up rod. I bought an Aleka 9 wt. in the salt water series for 182.00 (tax and shipping included). I fished around Bahia de los Muertos, south of La Paz, for two weeks. I used this rod and a 10 wt. Echo Ion. Much to my surprise the Aleka is a beautiful casting, fish fighting rod. I ended up using it most of the time. Because there are no Sardinas in the Gulf there are very few BIG fish around. The biggest fish I caught on the Aleka 9wt was an 18# Dorado. It preformed without a flaw. I tied large flies for fishing the Sea of Cortez. They are 4-5" long, tied on Mustad 5/0 hooks. I could cast them without a problem on the Aleka rod. I build my own sinking lines and for the 9 wt. Aleka I used a Rio 400 gr. taped sink tip tied to a Rio intermediate sinking running line, tied to Rio 80# hollow braided spectra. I like the Redington Predator saltwater series. I think the Aleka is even better than the Redington Predator series of rods. If you are looking for a great rod for under $200.00 I can recommend this product. I put it through the paces and it holds up. Joseph Santa Barbara, CA.

Bret Jacobs, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I purchased an Aleka A6 9ft 8wt at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show after walking by the stand 3-4 times. I bought it primarily as a back-up rod for a bonefishing trip to North Andros, Bahamas 5/3-5/10/14. On the 2nd day of the trip, it quickly became my go-to rod for the entire week. I was previously using a TFO Clouser 8wt & TFO TiCrX 8wt, but the Aleka A6 showed to be MUCH lighter and more responsive. I ended up catching over 30 bonefish during the week on this rod & it was awesome. The average fish was about 4-5 pounds. It casted with ease with the winds on the flats. An awesome rod for an awesome price. I suspect this will now by my go-to 8wt for most of my fishing needs for bass, steelhead, and bonefish. Thanks for a great rod!

David Arguin, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Great rod nice finish casts like a dream. Can't wait for the Stripers to start running up the rivers. Plan to purchase another Aleka rod soon.

Alfred Rodrigues, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I took a chance and ordered the A6 9wt for bone fishing in Hawaii -- and am extremely glad I did. It's not only beautiful but the feel is great -- balanced and easy to cast those heavy flies in our trade wind conditions.

David Dimond, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I just ordered several items for the first time from Aleka. Great customer service in answering shipping questions and everything came as promised. Packaged very well and arrived as stated. Can't wait to get out and try my new rod and reel!

Brian Lubin, United StatesAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

Ordered my rod A4 8 wt. It was out of stock. They offered me an upgrade to the A-6 , same price! The rod arrived by Friday, fishing Saturday on the Missouri .The rod preformed as promised. Great product, Great service. Thanks

Dwight FletcherAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

I finally got a chance to use my new fly rod... I have to say I was impressed on the smoothness of the the cast,the single cast and shooting of the the line even with large flies. I have plans to at some point to purchase a 10wt. in the future....Thank You for a great fly rod!!!!!

Andrew Holman, StaffordshireAbout ALEKA A6 Fly Rod Series

The A6 10# rod is both light and capable of casting large pike flies with ease. It helped me land an amazing 12ld 6 ounce fish from a flowing river without any fuss.