X2 Spinning Combo (SPR2000)
X2 Spinning Combo (SPR2000) From Only $89.99
X2 Spinning Combo (SPR3000)
X2 Spinning Combo (SPR3000) From Only $89.99
X2 Spinning Combo (SPR4000)
X2 Spinning Combo (SPR4000) From Only $89.99

ACUFLEX™ X2 Spinning Rod & Reel Combo Outfits
ACUFLEX™ X2 Spinning Rods and Reels are
perfectly balanced.

The ACUFLEX™ X2 Spinning Reel improves performance yet maintains an extreme level of accuracy and versatility even with lighter lures and harsh conditions. The X2 includes a unique 7+1 ball bearing system to ensure every cast and retrieve are smooth, ultra-sensitive even for the most serious tournament anglers. The X2 delivers enough torque to eliminate anti-reverse failure when a large fish takes your lure. The X2 is provided in stealth, matt black finish with red accents.

The ACUFLEX™ X2 Spinning Reel is available in three popular sizes, 2000, 3000 and 4000. All reels are either LH retrieve or RH retrieve.


The ACUFLEX™ X2 Spinning Rods are engineered to the highest performance standards, these lightweight and highly responsive rod blanks are constructed of Multiplex Hi-Torque Graphite using proprietary Arc™ Technology to dramatically reduce weight, while creating an aggressive blend of power, action and strength plus maintains the delicate precision for accuracy. Ideal for most freshwater and Saltwater Inshore species.