ALEKA A3 Fly Box

A3 Fly Box

ALEKA A3 Fly Box
ALEKA A3 Fly Box
ALEKA A3 Fly Box
ALEKA A3 Fly Box
ALEKA A3 Fly Box
ALEKA A3 Fly Box
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ALEKA A3 Fly Box
(Size 4.50" x 3.00" x 1.50")

ALEKA A3 and A3 Mini Fly Boxes are designed to hold and protect a day's worth of flies comfortably around your neck or in a vest pocket. Rubber watertight seal provides excellent water resistance. Spring-loaded compartments with clear see-through lid let’s you view your files without exposing them to the wind.

ALEKA A3 model provides for separate access to two compartments. Tough, durable and nearly indestructible this product will ensure your flies are kept secure and ready when you need them. Two sizes to suit the storage capacity you require, ALEKA A3 Mini and ALEKA A3 Fly Boxes. Fly Boxes come in different configuration options for internal selection of Compartment Inner Case, Ripple Foam or Fly Foam combinations. Wonderful gift idea or just to have to ensure your favorite flies are close to hand. Product includes Buy Now Bonus Free neck-strap accessory.

• Stylish, practical, tough, durable and nearly indestructible
• Configuration options Inner Case, Ripple Foam or Fly Foam
• Rubber watertight seal provides excellent water resistance
• Stainless steel hinge for long-term use
• Spring-loaded compartments (Inner Case option)
• Buy Now Bonus FREE Neck-strap accessory

Buy Now Bonus, includes Free neck-strap accessory
Neck-strap accessory easily attaches to fly box.
Attach or detach fly box from the neck-strap accessory
Great storage and quick access solutions. Top ALEKA A3 Fly Box bottom ALEKA A3 Mini Fly Box
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Randy Siders, United States

Found Aleka on the web while searching for high quality and functional fly fishing gear at a reasonable price. Immediate need was for some new fly boxes. I was intrigued with the A3 Mini and regular A3 since I leave the vest in the truck more than I wear it and have gone to stuffing fly boxes in pockets that invariably get submerged over the course of the day. Both exceeded my expectations in quality, access, visibility of flies, and waterproof integrity. Also needed some trash hauler boxes, again the two A4 boxes I purchased, large and medium, did not disappointment. Service was prompt, value for the dollar high, and quality unsurpassed. Next on the list is a new reel and ALEKA looks like they got some good ones.

Michael McCormack, United States

Like most folks, obtaining an item of high quality and a reasonable price mattered to me. The fly boxes I bought were well made, well thought out and about 1/3rd less than the vendor I usually buy from. My father taught me growing up that you have only one opportunity to make a good first impression with someone. This was my first purchase from Aleka & they made a good first impression. Thanks for the boxes! Regards Mike

Greg Gilliland, United States

I ordered a A3 rod reel combo on Saturday. Received a email on Sunday the reel was out of stock but I could upgrade to the A4. So after exchanging multiple emails with James that day, I chose to upgrade. He even threw in a extra dozen flies for free. Order shipped on Monday with expected delivery date of Friday. It showed up on Wednesday. Excellent customer service. I will be purchasing from them again soon.

Christopher Austin, United States

What a rod!!!! This rod has some back bone to it wow!!! My A4 2piece 6wt 9ft is one of the best rods I have had in my hands for over forty five years. The line just flows out--I have been making longer casts than I would normally do, like casting an average of 55-60ft and this was all afternoon-- no fatigue. And accurate--I am so pleased with this rod--I will be getting another one. Not bad for a trout rod!!!! I don't trout fish anymore and the small mouths are in deep trouble with this stick. Oh the line shoots out like a 22 rifle fast and accurate very accurate. Christopher M Austin Pike County PA.

Bill Smith (Colorado)

WOW Fantastic flies!! What super quality and attention to detail. I can't wait to go out fishing next. Appreciate the free flies included in the pack, I have passed on to a friend of mine who will probably be your next customer!

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