ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series

X2 Fly Rod Series

ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series
ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series
ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series
ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series
ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series
ALEKA X2 Fly Rod Series
Length (ft/m)LineHandleSectionsWeight (oz/g)
9'0" (2.74)#5Half Wells42.89 (82)
9'6" (2.90)#6Half Wells43.42 (97)
10'0" (3.05)#4Half Wells43.24 (91)
10'0" (3.05)#5Full Wells43.38 (95)
10'0" (3.05)#6Full Wells43.68 (104)
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ALEKA® X2 FLY RODS (4 Piece)

X2 Revolution - ALEKA’s range of light line rods has arrived! Ideal for river, lake and reservoir fishing, designed by ALEKA and fine tuned by an Italian casting master to ensure precise recovery rates.

The X2 - Light line rods.

The ALEKA X2 series will allow you to make accurate casts with the length to avoid the dreaded ‘micro drag’ that currents will impart on a line. These fast action rods utilize proprietary carbon and specific tapers to provide best in class performance throughout each method employed. These rods allow techniques to be utilized for dry and nymph patterns that will fool even the most wised-up of resident fish. Be it small or heavy nymph they have both the power and subtleness to allow you complete control when out on the water.

The X2 MAGLIOCCO 7'6" #3 signature fly rod.
(X2 7'6" #3 is currently out of stock).

Italian casting master Massimo Magliocco has fine tuned this signature rod to provide the very best action, control and casting distance for this exquisite river rod. The X2 7'6" #3 is a perfect fly rod for dry fly, wet, nymph and smaller streamers. The ALEKA X2 7'6" #3 Massimo Magliocco Signature Rod is sure to delight even the most eperienced fly angler. Unleash the power, cast greater distances and experience better control for placement of your fly.

An then came The EVOLVE

The X2 EVOLVE is ALEKA’s complete package for today’s angler, designed from the ground up providing the ability to change tactics from perfect dry fly presentation to either heavy or light nymph, with the simple addition of the extra sections and a change of leader. Couple these tapers with the correct leader then it is possible to change from presenting that dry fly to rising fish to the smallest of weighted nymphs on a long French leader as the hatch disappears and the fish move back to their stations to feed below the water level. Change methods without the need to leave the water or carry and set up additional rods.

Why not change your angling experience to The EVOLVE from ALEKA – pick up rod today.

Each rod features:

  • High modulus carbon blanks featuring the latest Arc™ Technology on precision tapers for unbridled presentation possibilities
  • Smooth and progressive actions ensuring protection of light tippets
  • X2 are fast action rods
  • Built for precision casting and recovers quickly
  • 'AAA' premium-grade Portuguese cork handle and hook keeper
  • Beautiful matt black finished for the ultimate in stealth
  • Reel seat is machined from lightweight, marine grade aluminum and included natural wood insert
  • Aluminum-oxide stripper guides, hard chrome single leg guides
  • Single leg intermediate guides which are extremely lightweight
  • Alignment marks / letters for easy rod set-up
  • Matching matt silk whipping threads
  • High quality bag/sock plus durable hard case tube with strap and carry handle included
  • Free durable travel tube and cloth bag included
  • Backed by the ALEKA Product Warranty and replacement service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Each ALEKA Fly Rod includes a FREE durable travel tube with carry and shoulder strap and a FREE quality rod bag/sock for storage and protection.

X2 EVOLVE Model also includes :

  • Two 8" Extensions to provide three tactics of fishing, 8'8", 9'4" and 10' lengths.

Rod action: Fast   Blank color: Matt Black (Stealth)

Perfect Balance and Perfect Presentation – The Revolution Has Arrived

We all strive for that perfect presented fly being consumed by our quarry. Right from the anglers hand to the fish’s mouth the ALEKA X2 range has been designed by the ALEKA experienced team for the anglers of today. Within the range - The EVOLVE provides perfect balance to obtain that precise presentation and the required sensitivity to succeed on flowing water for wild fish.

The EVOLVE – from ALEKA. The most revolutionary and complete package available to anglers on the market today.



SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE — We are confident you'll love your new purchase from Aleka Sports Direct we offer a 28-day no-hassle money back guarantee. Order today or contact us for advice.
Karl Barton, United States

Customer service is excellent. John responded quickly and was very helpful.

Joe Todd, United States

After researching several different nymphing fly rods and after a lot of different recommendations from some professional angler friends, I came across a rod I had not heard of, the Aleka X2 EVOLVE. So, I contacted John at Aleka to inquire about the EVOLVE, after several conversations with John I was sold. I ordered the EVOLVE for a tournament I was fishing, in just a couple weeks from our conversation. I had the rod within a few days and was out on the water putting it through the paces, it performed flawless, first fish landed was a 20” rainbow. Then came the tournament, in each session the EVOLVE became my primary rod, the feel this rod has when short line or long line nyphing is amazing, I could feel the nymphs bouncing of the rocks, and the subtle take that the trout were giving was noticed immediately. Landed a 25” rainbow beast, on this 3wt. allowed me to fight this fish and put in the net in less than 2 minutes. For me an incredible accomplishment on a 3wt. using 6x tippet. The EVOLVE is now a major player in my arsenal. I have now order the Aleka X2 2wt. 10’ and can’t wait to see what happens now. Thanks to Aleka for an incredible product. Riverlake Fly Fishing

Richard Banks, United States

I recently purchased the ALEKA X2 Fly Rod 9' #5 and couldn't be happier. Beautifully constructed of quality materials, this rod delivers everything you need in a rod without the expensive price tag. If you can forego big name brand bragging rights, save your money. I fished this rod for a week across OR/ID/MT with nymphs and dries - love the fast action and spine performance.The attention to detail is great top to bottom - don't know how they can deliver this level of value.... and the rod tube is twice as nice as the others I have. RJB

Darwin Lunn, United States

I ordered an Aleka X2 10' 4wt rod for nymphing on the Missouri River and smaller streams in my area. Service was prompt with excellent communication after the sale. I was surprised at the quality of not only the rod but the sock and tube. The rod is a true fast action rod that has the appearance and feel similar to much more expensive rods I own. It would be a good value at twice what it costs. I am very happy with my X2 and Aleka Sports and will purchase products again in the future.

Richard Dreiss, United States

Nice rod. Well packaged and will be great for dry flies. 10 foot-4. Too cold to fish in Ct right but I'll get it out on the Farmington River as soon as possible. Rich

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